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Side A

Slow rolled bellies
A Po-Boy split open and picked through

Oyster knife slung on the sideboard
Oysters fried fell on the carpet

On the dresser
Greasy lettuce left soggy
Still spends the same

Paid rapist’s rapture

As lover
As smiling singer
As song

Literally said
He was the voice of God

B Side-

Wet and slippery
Spit out a     pearl or stone

Strew like steamers across the moon

Coupled in corners
A litany of moans

A mourner or two trying to grit the grief

A preacher posed in chartreuse slippers
And semi-nude stockings

Rocking back & forth
Belt tied to his neck

Nearly wrapped four times
Around the hand of Barely Legal

A boy he knew from Eagle Scouts
He’d turned out years ago


When I was little I used to dream
About the apocalypse
Each night was the end of the world
And I was the only one left

Red winged demons scaled my bedroom walls
The Devil danced on the carpet
Juggling chocolate cake

Shards of golden light stabbed through
The cracks in my ceiling
Exposing sky still blue in the middle

Everyone I knew was floating above the air
Their bags all packed
The Bible said I wasn’t supposed to miss them
But I did

Jesus wore sparkly platform boots
Looking down on me he shook his head
He knew I’d pushed it too far

Standing barefoot in my Wonder Woman pajamas
I knew I was a sinner
I didn’t even ask for help


My body is made of you

Your laughter bounces through my teeth

The loneliness gnaws on my breasts

Eating what is meant to be saved


They stand slobbering in the sagging light

Holding tight to the first hurts

Like a baby’s clinched fists

At the shallow edges

They gather

Gated by the tips of shadows

They use what they can

To try to get our attention

Aching to be remembered



There’s a fly on the side of your head
It seems to want to stay there and lick blood from your molting antlers

As you rub up against anything that will have you
Velvety shawls spiral into brown furry Shirley Temple curls
Then fall into golden beds of Cottonwood leaves

The fly it stays
Slowly opening and closing its wings
Wanting sound
Not wanting to bate you with buzzing
Holding on
Hoping to be mistaken for a moth

A butterfly is what you deserve
It knows
It hopes to be forgiven


Tiny pieces of light hope to be forgiven their darkness

I just wanted to be a starfish
Sitting like barrette

On the side of your head
Hoping to be mistaken for something valuable

Holding on
Not wanting to bate you
Not wanting to be

A butterfly mistaken for a fly
A golden moth mistaken for sound

That part I wasn’t trying to know
They know

I’m the doe eyed
And you are a rainbow watered with slick


River water whirled rainbow jasper and agate slick

Brackish with ocean breaking over
Backed up against Sitka Spruce and Salmonberry

There was a doe who eyed me while we stood at the confluence
Both of us more afraid of a rogue wave than each other

Then there were three
All just watched me stand there and criticize myself

Eyelashes made me wish I had them
Something I had they wished for too

We waded together
Until just before predator time

Unlike me
They knew
They weren’t food

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