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build me a house


when I am no longer living

there I will lay on the sand and remember


shook down in the way of possession

light enemy, coated the way you were


always the nights you entered my room

though we cannot keep the men from


house has been built


shook down in the way no longer living

keep the men and remember


coated you entered my room

possession though we cannot keep


when I am there I will lay on the sand

build always the nights light enemy


the way you were me, a house




below the yard is a courtyard

below the courtyard, a garden

below the garden, a maze

below the maze, a labyrinth

below the labyrinth

the nest of everything

composed of string and found in a single pile

silver flayed stalked and threshed

the strands split and sucked out

while we all watched knowing

we could not see for the brilliance

of the dismantling

and watching anyway









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