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A very light lemon self; a self of replication; a self of galactic hills of the subterranean womb; a creamy amber yellow self with a lime throat constricted; a semblance of ash in the month-of-the-ash-self; the growth of grass, the first witches of the year, the first bees; a creamy yellow self swallowing pond stones to tenderly sprout a stock of the new self; a golden flower self; a fire revelation self of being the birth-tree, the silver fir, the unborn sea; the unborn; a creamy white self with light green throat asking clouds to mother, then weather; a velvety black wine red self licking mulch; an ivy-twined, fir cone scarred self, the myth of which in return; in reference to the first day of the year, the first reference dedicated to the cult of the flower corpse returned in a boat, floated down the Rhone to Alyscamps at Arles; an over-examined self, a pale amethyst violent self with a pale yellow throat of wasps; a self of bees and eighteenth century antiquary; a written self, the “lofty one” transcribed as a self wound, a woven self with a green throat with stones in the swollen thorax, stones in the split spine; stones in the lingering of the gut; a pink or poppy red self and a yellow green throat channeling pre-Columbian bees; a lavender pink self in the early morning ash-groves, in the early morning pandemonium, fading until the lavender remains on all edges; green throat becoming greener internal wilderness. A subdued self, pricked into cactus seeds. A luminous pink decaying self; a pale self burning away; is the third tree; is the third tree composted; is the third tree in the moss. A creamy lemon self emergent as a yellow green throat of trees. Very pale lemon self with yellow forested throat; elegiac self; dark red self with sorrowful green throat, plucks berries from the mouths of birds; it is late for the nameless self; onn; ura; a self lighted on the hills in return; a coronation; a coronation violet self with green throat; formed into ferns; no reference to her own forest; an attractive melon pink self threaded, overturned log self of sounding forth; a bee-loud glade selfishness. A deeply seamed red and medium yellow bicolor or polychrome selfless self, the orange self; a rose pink self with white midribs; self of acumen; self of carrying forth; a clear golden yellow scared self, free blooming self; a bright light yellow self; resonating sanctity; a coral amber peach self with a yellow green throat listless and listening to a pink self with a green throat slit; a free blooming self; a self of the ingrained field of sleeting; a newly sprouted self, deep yellow self with cream midrib and terrestrial longing for uprooted golden flowers; a purplish red self at the close of the mouth; a tiny melon pink self with a green throat which has become fir-tipped; a self under the tongue; a self the blend of dusty rose forked tongues; an orange yellow self with a golden throat; an orange yellow self with an orange throat full of deep water; a dark black red self buzzing with a green throat harvesting mulch hunted by elk; gathering stones to heave into herself; a clear blue lavender blue self with a lime throat; a light orange self in the semblance of abysmal fields at night; a scarlet red self with a yellow throat which supplies a carrot orange self an olive green throat; an avowed self; a self as new sentience

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