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just a light, 

a light came on

go that way

they have 

proved it

the distance

and outside


a sticky 

humidity sunburn 


brought me 

to my knees


shopping mall 

and dumpsters

if you could 


that would 

be best 

a smell of 




there used to be a big vine on the wall at his apartment in Diamond Head. It was the most amazing one in the county. In only 7 years this vine had gone up nine stories to completely cover the wall.


most garden centers sell well-rooted. easily propagated from stem cuttings or by placing the vine on damp soil and covering the stem so the roots will develop at the nodes.


once it is well-rooted, sometimes it takes another month or so to get the plant established in its permeant location. as soon as new growth begins and one or two stems start to cling to the wall, prune off all the other stems.


this manner will hasten the growth of remaining stems. whether you continue to thin it out and keep it sparse will depend upon how thick you want it to be. if you leave it alone and only remove the straggling stems that fall away from the support, it will cover the area quickly.


once the vine is started, it grows rampantly. the creeping fig, one of over 800 species of figs, is of the same genus as the banyans and has many similar characteristics. although its habit of growth is vine-like, without slabbing it will reach out and become.


lava rock walls, concrete or cinder blocks provide a fine surface. painted surfaces may impede the rubbery exudation from stems that forms hair-like suction cups.

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