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the penalty for not existing

we sew our loves into the lining of our jackets to keep them from the weather and its eyes.

is not existing

we show our resolution on the grain that colors television. if you cut a program you can see the meat lines threading its insides.

the penalty

united show our resolution in the baking of bread for hungry fingers to disappear against. if you cut a finger you can see prints seeping the inside, circles of tree.

for not existing is not existing

united knowing the resolution in your basking tree shadows where hungry fissures in the rope get disappeared. cut the body down you cannot turn it back into a bed, hospital corners, white sheets.

the penalty for not

united nascence the resolution in your basket of belly orchard where ghosts disappear their own names along the umbilical line. if you count the weeks the body turns to a log cabin where men lay hospital curtains with pens and negligence. 

existing is not

united name shuns the resolution in your band of broken pants, where deaths disappear into folds of the ear, who is safe to tall in this corner of the document. if you count the stars against his love the hem reopens. this love that wins, of which there is one. the one where he see you on the other side of this.

existing is

united nations resolution banning panting gasps deaths disappears in folds she warned me I am not safe because I am not. if you count I am not counted there are years to go in hope. the other side who is waiting for me. please my lover please my children please united nations please.

not existing

a united nations resolution banning the death penalty for the crevice of the eraser that flirts my cheek into nothing  this is like a legislative body this is like a kiss this is like us this includes us.

is not

a united nations resolution banning the death penalty for homosexuality was opposed by a total of 13 countries in the U.N. Human Rights Council. including the U.S.


including the u.s.

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